ACE’s Parenting classes are based on Dr. Stephen J. Bavokek’s evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Programs. Our goal is to equip participants with the tools to promote their children’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development and well-being.

About ACE Parenting

ACE’s Parenting program offers low-cost parenting classes to the local community.  Our bilingual (English/Spanish) parenting educators are here to assist you in gaining tools and techniques to improve your parenting approach. Our goal is to help families improve their parent-child relationship(s) and to give caregivers the skills they need to nurture their children’s development with empathy, reinforcement, and positive discipline.

Why ACE Parenting

Our Parenting Educators have been trained to facilitate Nurturing Parenting Programs. Our classes are built upon the Five Pillars of Nurturing Parenting:

  • Appropriate Expectations
  • Empathy
  • Non-Violent Discipline
  • Appropriate Family Roles
  • Power and Independence

Disclaimer: Facilitators are not clinical therapists or psychologists, we are strictly educators with the goal of implementing the curriculum of Nurturing Parenting Programs.

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