ACE’s Business Academy offers RUTH YouthBuild students to gain an introductory education in the field of business and partake in job readiness training and career development.  The Business Academy offers a multi-faceted approach to business education and job skill development. Students are taught hard and soft skills in the classroom, but also get the unique opportunities to travel to other businesses and events in the Los Angeles area to contextualize their coursework and expose themselves to potential career paths.

The Business Academy not only provides students with a solid foundation in business, but also guides and supports students’ future employment and career paths.

Some of the Business Academy’s topics and activities include:

  • Job Search Activities 
  • Technology and Internet Training
  • Office Equipment Training 
  • Employment Plans
  • Workshops and Job Fairs
  • Financial Planning 
  • Personal Job Skills and Soft Skills

The Business Academy teaches students  skills required for a successful work experience, but also other important personal skills such as resilience, leadership, hope, responsibility, self-confidence, etiquette, problem solving, time management, and attendance.  The Business Academy provides a small, supportive, unique space to give individualized attention to students as they develop their career and personal skills and envision their lives in the business world and beyond.